I'm really excited to announce that long-awaited feature is available today in the ContextKeeper v0.8 for Visual Studio πŸ±β€πŸ

​Download it today for VS 2019/2017/2015, for VS 2022 (separate installer) and for VS 2013 (separate installer).

If you are new to the ContextKeeper check brief introduction.

Effortless branch switching

Easily jump between git branches and don't worry anymore that your context will be lost - last opened files, pinned tabs, documents state, order and position. Also active line & number position in every file is preserved.

Also it is highly requested feature by VS community - "When switching branch in git, visual studio should save/restore tabs for each local branch".

When switching to another Git branch ContextKeeper will automatically remember current branch's snapshot and it will save to .contextkeeper/.git-branches folder. Also it will be added to the "Mental Snapshots" UI list at the very top with <Git Branch> prefix:

This is the same process that can be achieved manually (create/update snapshot, change branch, load snapshot) fully automated for your convenience πŸ”₯. The current branch snapshot is always auto-saved:

βœ… at solution closing,

βœ… before switching to another branch.

Branch changed via VS or CLI

Also a branch could be changed from CLI, Visual Studio or other third-party Git client and ContextKeeper will detect it auto-magically and restore snapshot for currently selected branch.

Enjoy and happy coding! Let's make context switching painless starting today πŸ±β€πŸ