The latest ContextKeeper 0.73 version was released a few days ago and I wanted to share with you what was changed and why.

Shortcut to create a snapshot

You could now easily assign a shortcut for "Create Snapshot" toolbar command. There is no any pre-configured shortcut at this point. You need to set it manually. I personally use Shift+Ctrl+C for it. There is also possible to assign shortcuts for context menu commands - "Full Restore", "Update" etc.

The Mental Snapshots tab had a simple keyboard support from the beginning. You could use arrow keys for selecting a snapshot and "Enter" key for "Full Restore". There is no shortcut command for opening Mental Snapshots window. But it will be added soon and will allow to entirely switch to keyboard workflow when working with snapshots.

Streamlined snapshot creation and renaming

Triggering "Create Snapshot" command will automatically create a snapshot and will open rename dialog. You could immediately start editing and hit "Enter" to confirm. Otherwise hit "Esc" and choose better name later.

Thanks to Patrik for both suggestions about creating a shortcut and improving UX during snapshot creation!

Output window

The output window won't be activated anymore when logging an error. I read and analyze all the feedback and there was valid argument about this issue:

One thing that is a bit annoying is that the output window keeps changing to the output of context keeper and is distracting

Switching between branches - an update

The most popular improvement suggestion that I constantly keep hearing is about adding support to automatically restore a snapshot when switching between branches. You asked, I will deliver 😊

There are already some initial bits shipped in the 0.73 version. You could see in the Output Window current git branch when solution fully loads. Also after switching branches the plugin could detect and recognize the old and new branch properly. The needed changes in the snapshot engine are almost done and I will be focusing on the UI/UX part. Stay tuned!