Release v1.9 is here! πŸŽ‰ Grab it if you haven't updated already. ContextKeeper 1.9 is mainly feature release packed with cool new features that will make switching contexts even more smoother than before. There are some UX upgrades and git integration improvements. Also, a lot of small annoying bugs πŸ› were squashed during the process (changelog).

This year, will bring at least one additional feature release, making your every snapshot more dense and filled with new contextual metadata. Did I say we're just getting started? Hell yes!πŸ’ͺ The gas pedal is pressed to the floor. If you already enjoy using ContextKeeper, you will shortly fall in love with it in the coming months. I can guarantee that!

Git integration improvements

New icons and full git's branch name support

Finally, a full branch name is displayed for auto-generated git snapshots. A new GitBranch property was introduced to the snapshot JSON format. Now it stores the actual full branch name for a given snapshot:

New GitBranch property in the JSON snapshot format

There are also nice new icons for a git branch and a stashed snapshot, instead of the temporary text placeholders that were before - <Git Branch> and <Stashed>.

The previous implementation did not display git special characters in the branch name. The special characters were always removed because the output string should be a valid filename to save a branch snapshot.

The implementation is still not perfect because it does not support naming collisions. There are still rare situations when they can occur. Improved support will appear in the future releases. If you will notice any problems where a context is not restored properly please report an issue here.

Snapshot's full path name

Small finishing touches are important for a good UX which is why a tool tip was added to display the actual type of a snapshot (standard, git branch or stash) with a full path name. Now it's now easier to recognize where a given snapshot is stored.

Selected and active documents in tab groups

There can be multiple tab groups opened at once and single document selected in each:

Selected documents

The state of both selected documents is now preserved using IsSelected JSON property.

Additionally, support for the active tab was added. When a document has focus while generating the snapshot, it will be tagged internally using IsActive property.

Active document

If you have noticed that sometimes document's line and column position wasn't restored properly - there is a good news! At least two line&column bugs were fixed in the v1.9 (changelog).

Bookmarks support is coming soon

Bookmarks support is part of the 2022 Roadmap and I'm happy to annouce it is almost readyπŸ”₯: