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Version 1.95 (09/03/2023)

  • [New]šŸ†•
  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • Document tab's metadata not restored properly when lower case path was used,
    • Breakpoints were restored only when there were bookmarks in a snapshot.

Version 1.94 (08/03/2023)

  • [New]šŸ†•
    • Introducing bookmarks preview support

Version 1.93 (18/01/2023)

  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • Pinned tab's order was in reversed,
    • Fixed rare edge case when a file marked as [Read Only] cannot be restored from a snapshot.

Version 1.92 (28/11/2022)

  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • Fixed serialization error for DockedHeight/DockedWidth JSON properties when a default culture is using comma ',' for decimal places.

Version 1.91 (25/11/2022)

  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • GitBranch property related bug causing that a full branch name weren't reloaded properly from a snapshot file after Visual Studio was restarted.

Version 1.9 (16/11/2022)

  • [New]šŸ†•
    • Git integration improvements:
      • [UX] The full name for auto-generated git branch snapshots in the Mental Snapshots window. The previous simplified implementation did not display git special characters in the branch name,
      • [UX] New git icon for a branch snapshot instead of <Git Branch> prefix,
      • New GitBranch JSON property created for every auto-generated branch snapshot. It allows to store full name of a git branch, and later use it on the UI. The previous implementation did not git special characters to be stored because a git branch name was based on a filename which has its own naming constraints.
    • More detailed context by storing IsSelected and IsActive for every opened document tab that is selected and/or active. In every tab group different document can be selected at a time. Those additional properties allow to restore a tab's state in a more granular fashion.
  • [Minor changes]šŸ¤
    • [UX] Dedicated icon for a stashed snapshot instead of <stashed> placeholder,
    • [UX] A snapshot's tooltip with the full path.
  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • The last opened document in a tab group did not have a line & column set,
    • Some project's properties page using the legacy project format, and ProjectGuid property, were not saved in a snapshot. Added an additional fallback strategy to support them,
    • An attempt to change invalid absolute path to relative broke the snapshot saving process,
    • Small change in the release process to prevent line & column not being saved for a document tab.

Version 1.85 (9/10/2022)

Version 1.84 (11/09/2022)

  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • Rarely pinned tabs weren't restored properly.

Version 1.83 (7/08/2022)

  • [Minor changes]šŸ¤
    • Removed more not relevant, repeated warnings from the output window.

Version 1.82 (7/07/2022)

  • [Minor changes]šŸ¤

Version 1.81 (5/06/2022)

  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • Fixed VS UI freeze ("Preparing Solution..." dialog running infinitely) when switching branches in VS 17.2.3 and 17.3.0 Preview 1.1

Version 1.8 (18/05/2022)

Version 1.73 (17/05/2022)

  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • Unexpected tabs added to a snapshot that weren't previously opened during snapshot creation

Version 1.72 (08/05/2022)

Version 1.71 (14/04/2022)

  • [New]šŸ†•
    • Search dialog (for all versions including VS 2022/2019/2017/2015 and VS 2013)

Version 1.7 (10/04/2022)

  • [New]šŸ†•
    • Search dialog (temporarily only for VS 2022). Coming soon for VS 2019/2017/2015/2013.

Version 1.6 (1/04/2022)

  • [New]šŸ†•
    • Snapshot stashing and unstashing which improves workflow for switching quicker to an urgent tasks.
  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • Maximized (full screen) windows are restored and saved correctly in a snapshot using additional JSON property "WindowState: Maximized",
    • Unnamed snapshot won't show up anymore when there is no git (branch) detected.
  • [Minor changes]šŸ¤
    • Better checks to not overwrite branch snapshot with an empty snapshot (no windows opened),
    • The snapshots list is focused after a snapshot is created or renamed.

Version 1.5 (12/03/2022)

  • [New]šŸ†•
    • Refocusing the snapshots list after restore which allows to quickly restore different snapshots using keyboard only - Up/Down + Enter keys support,
    • Deleting snapshot via keyboard (using "Delete" key). Added support for "Escape" key for the confirmation modal dialog,
    • Ability to update branch snapshot manually via context menu.
  • [Bug fixes]šŸ’”
    • Branch snapshot is updated on the UI list when auto-save is triggered,
    • Branch snapshot is not overwritten with empty snapshots (no windows with code).
  • [Minor changes]šŸ¤
    • Changed windows pane (name) in the Output Window to "ContextKeeper" for consistency.

Version 1.4 (11/02/2022)

  • Beta license expiration reminder (shows "Mental Snapshots" tool window) if branch snapshot auto-save is triggered to prevent losing snapshot state (not more than every 2 hours).

Version 1.3 (12/01/2022)

Version 1.2 (15/12/2021)

  • fix for rebase issue when switching between branches.

Version 1.1 (13/12/2021)

  • fix for rebase issue when multiple "intermediate" git snapshots where created during rebase process.

Version 1.0 (09/12/2021)

  • fixes around automatic snapshot switching for branches - more reliable when working with multiple files that doesn't exists across different branches. There was a common problem when some files were "missing" in snapshots after changing branches.