šŸŽ… Day 4 - Peek Implementation on steroids with Resharper

Peek implementation, Ctrl + Alt + Q

Navigate using arrows ā¬† ā¬‡ + Enter to select

šŸŽ… Day 3 - Go To Line and Displaying Line Numbers

Go To Line, Ctrl + G

To display line numbers go to Tools->Options>Text Editor->All Languages

šŸŽ… Day 2 - Go To Definition and Peek Definition

To navigate to implementation details (Go To Definition), press F12 or
Ctrl + mouse click.

To only peek on a definition, press Alt + F12, which will open small panel below your cursor allowing you to edit the code without losing current context.

Pressing Alt + F12 multiple times will recursively open Peek Definition panel. You can navigate back (Ctrl + Alt + -) and forth (Ctrl + Alt + =) between different fragments using breadcrumbs.

You can close the Peek Definition view by pressing Esc and switch between the editor and the definition window by pressing Shift+Esc.

šŸŽ… Day 1 - Navigate to Recent Cursor Positions

To navigate to recently visited/edited code in the current session, press Ctrl + -. You can do this multiple times.

To navigate forward, press Ctrl + Shift + -. The forward and backward mouse buttons also work in the same way.