I have wanted to give you something special on Black Friday - how about ContextKeeper working on Visual Studio 2022? Version for VS 2022 is here. Enjoy! πŸš€

It works with VS 2022 and also with VS 2022 Preview. It even installs for both versions, if you have them installed side-by-side (e. g. my test VM environment).

It also works on older systems like Windows 8.1 - tested on my old Surface Pro 3 . I still refuse to upgrade it to Windows 10 software because I simply like stable, working software and to be able to turn off and on Windows Update at will. Once I learnt it hard way when I was giving all day training and my dev laptop decided to restart and install some updates in the middle of the day. Definitely I miss easy way to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 - but there are some hacks 😁

It's 11:26 PM, November 25th in Poland. I'm really tired but also enormously happy that the next milestone is finished. On the other hand I was really afraid that "snapshot engine" powering ContextKeeper will not work in 64-bit VS. And major rewrite, taking months, will be necessary because CK engine is really unique. It's also really stable across different VS versions because "snapshot engine" is made from scratch and doesn't have any dependency on .suo file or any VS related API for restoring/saving state.

But anxiety was gone when VS 2022 Preview and CK works flawlessly from the first try. From that day in June I knew everything will be OK.

Where I first heard about VS 2022 becoming 64-bit it was like fulfilling 10 years dream. I became full-time developer in 2005 and about 2010 everyone was expecting that 64-bit VS is around the corner. The corner was a little "longer" than anyone imagined but finally the dream became reality.