ContextKeeper v1.71 is released with long awaited search dialog! If you have more than few snapshot it will definitely improve your daily interactions with the plugin. I already have 29 snapshots, that touch different areas in the plugin source code, and navigating through them, started to be more and more challenging.

The search dialog is a native VS control with search history and behaves like a standard search component which you used before (e. g. in the Solution Explorer). The search filter is case-insensitive and use only a snapshot name for matching. I'm planning to add more sophisticated search options later, including searching through snapshot's files.


The search dialog for the first time was added in the version 1.7 but only to VS 2022 at the beginning. Starting today is available, as usual, for VS 2022/2019/2017/2015 and VS 2013.

Happy Easter 🥚!