ContextKeeper v1.5 is available for Visual Studio 2022/2019/2017/2015 and 2013. I want to highlight some UX improvements.

Quick snapshots deletion

Use "Delete" + "Enter" at a selected snapshot

The last survey has shown some directions for new features and improvements. One of them was an easier way to delete snapshots. The introduced better keyboard support is the first step in this direction. The plan is to get all the “low-hanging” fruits before picking the biggest and sweetest ones: bookmarks and breakpoints 😁 There are also really interesting features in the middle, like:

  • keyboard shortcuts for creating “quick snap” (stash) snapshot and restore it later
  • support for relative paths and the ability to restore snapshots in different dev environments
  • storing .contextkeeper folder outside the solution folder (configurable path)
  • full screen state remembered for the main IDE window and floating windows
  • search dialog

If you want to propose some additional features or report a bug, don’t hesitate and add it here or reply to this email.

Restoring multiple snapshots

Use "Enter" to restore a selected snapshot

Sometimes it useful to "scan" snapshots as quick a possible. From now on it's possible to use only keyboard (arrow keys + Enter) to restore multiple snapshots which significantly speed up entire process. There are also smaller bug fixes and changes in this release.